5by5 Time Machine is an service that lets you subscribe to time-shifted feeds for current and retired 5by5 shows.

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Why does this exist?

I created this service because I wanted something like it to exist. My favorite podcast, Hypercritical, ended in December 2012. Instead of giving it up, I decided to listen to it all over again from the beginning. 5by5 Time Machine helps with that by automatically providing me with new old episodes on a regular schedule.

How does it work?

The feeds that 5by5 Time Machine offers are exactly the same as those available on 5by5.tv, except the dates for the episodes are changed. This allows for old episodes to appear at the top of recent unplayed playlists in apps like Instacast and Downcast.

Are you affiliated with 5by5?

No. I am just a fan of 5by5, making a tool that hopefully other fans of 5by5 will use and enjoy.