Early this morning (around 2AM) I put the finishing touches on the “create feed” page of 5by5 Time Machine that were necessary for public release. Since it was late, I decided to queue up some Twitter posts with Buffer announcing the service to my Twitter followers. The next morning as I drove to work, the posts went out. At first there was not much response, but things really took off when John Siracusa retweeted me.

In the first day there have been nearly a thousand unique IPs that have hit feeds.5by5timemachine.com, which is a great start. I have some new features planned that I’m confident will make the service even better, so watch this space for announcements of them.

Finally, a big “thank you” to everyone that has checked out this service. If you have any feature suggestions or if you’ve run into a bug, please feel free to drop me a line at kyle.cronin@gmail.com. Thanks!